Olimpia Luciano

Australia Market Manager
Melbourne, Australia

Australian born, Olimpia grew up making wine in the back garden with her grandfathers.

After completing a Bachelor of Management with a Marketing Major & specialised focus in International Wine studies, she has worked in the Wine and Spirit industry ever since.

Following her passion has led her career to Tuscany, London and back home to Australia.

She joined Indevin in mid 2018 and knew immediately that she had found her ideal work culture, allowing her to work with vibrant, progressive, likeminded people. 

Jonathan Butt

UK and Europe Sales Manager
Surrey UK

Since joining the Thresher Group in 1994 where he ran a number of specialist wine shops "Jonno Butt" has enjoyed a long and varied career within the wine trade.

After a hands on experience at several New Zealand wineries he returned to the UK and became Head of Global Wine Sourcing at First Quench retail.

Phill and Jonno first met in 2005 when Jonno became a large client of Phill’s. The boys very quickly developed a great working relationship and shared a similar set of values and an approach to business so, as Indevin’s export business grew, it became obvious that Jonno would get involve and he joined the business in 2009 ... the rest is history” #thisisindevin